Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back after a... 'short' break.

With the mindset that I need to get back in the saddle in terms of illustration and creature design I'm happy to post my latest creature/digital painting.
This was the 'Lizard Swamp Monster' design I did for a design studio earlier in the year to be made into a suit for a TV show called Freak Encounters.
They didn't go for my prefered design of this guy, but I had me blend parts of him in with another illustrator's take on the creature, which is probably the version that'll make it into the show.
Anyway, I was pretty happy with my (unused) take on this and wanted to paint something up to show him off. It's good to be back and here's hopin' the next one of these things comes sooner than later.
"Mattingly, I thought I told you to SHAVE those sideburns!!"

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