Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some explainations/ Shameless self promotion.

Hey-o from a blog that never get's update! Never!

In the interest of protecting the works of myself and Sir Matt Smith and our life changing comic strip 'Generation Y' I've pulled down all posts from this blog containing the comic and it's innocent and Copyright-free contents.

But have no fear dear readers (Mom)! You can still read about the hilarious adventures of Matt, Bryan and the rest over at www.genycomics.com, our very own webcomic site (loaded with accurate copyright information to save ourselves the headache of winning lots of law suits.)

So check it out, tell your friends and, hell, if you feel up to the task become a fan on Facebook- we'll update you when new strips go up and such. Just search Generation Y in your facebook and become a fan!

That's it for me for, well realistically, another year or so.