Thursday, May 25, 2006

CD Cover

I did this for a CD cover of my friend Adrianne's boyfriend Ryan's band. The CD is gonna be called 'A Knife, A Pie, and an English Guy'

Cyborg Ape

Here's my 'Cyborg Ape Warrior' re-drawn, slightly redesigned... sketch and then the painted.

Painted on the Tablet with PhotoShop

Monday, May 22, 2006

Busy Week 2

More Sketches from the past week!

Apparently Ali G was in town!

Busy week Part 1

Been a Busy few days... but skill got some sketching in!

Just some subway folk. This one dude sat down infront of us... started out looking nice and friendly. Then that scowl started and did not stop!

Punk kids outside the CN Tower.

A sketch of Derek

Monday, May 15, 2006

Subway/Bus Sketches May 05

Here's some Subway Sketches done with a Ballpoint Pen. I did two versions of this one dude with a poney tail... so help me god that thing was tied back SO TIGHT it was pulling his eyebrows up (yet he managed to keep his scowl the whole time) And that hair was combed... i mean perfectly combed, back into the poney tail. That thing must have taken an hour to tear backwards. And him and his buddy (with an identical poney tail mind you) sat on the bus together in virtually complete silence... and they never once cracked a smile. Now maybe it's just me'n'my friends but if i'm gonna be on the bus for 25 minutes at SOME POINT our conversation is going to make me grin. Not these fellers though. Yeee-ikes!

The Pig is a nod to Frankie's 'Farm Week'

This old guy with a camera was standing very still, dressed nicely in a collared shirt, slacks and some nice dress shoes. He moved very slowly and thoughtfully- what you might expect from an older gent. But then he saw something he wanted to get a shot of and that dude snapped into action like Spiderman or something, he was all sprawled out snapping shots like a mad man! It was unreal!

Mother's Day Weekend

Fairly busy this past weekend, did a few sketches, a little Subway drawin', and a little Spidey action.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Librarian, Cheerleader, Football Star, Trucker, Lunch Lady and Mafia Hitman

3 Sets of Character Designs- the first 6 were the original look of the characters, then the following were the re-designed Cheer Leader, Mafia Hitman and Librarian. These were done last year.

First Try...?

So I hear everyone is gettin' one o'these Blog things... so being a guy who would never turn up a chance to jump on the old band wagon... here we go with a Bryan Blog. Which i spose i'll refer to as my 'Brog'.
Or 'Bryog' or 'Blyan'.

We'll see how she turns out... Enjoy!