Monday, May 21, 2007

This week in Drawin's.

Continue to work at the Circus... and it's letting me draw like a madman. The first image is the last drawing of that sketchbook i didn't like. Still don't like it. It's a nightmare to draw on and a nightmare to scan.
Thankfully I've moved onto an older one i had that's full of paper like printer paper. SMOOTH. And immediately my stuff started shining again. Some creatures, and a Spidey that i whipped off.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Cafe and Subway Sketchin' May 07.

I've been working Security at 'Cirque Avaia' this month at nights. It's so ridiculiously boring. But i'm getting to draw a bit. Some of these faces are Circus staff. Some from the subway.

Best part about it all is that i'm finally done 7 years of University AND College and I'm working at the Circus. My parents are SO impressed.


I figured i'd start posting some of the stuff i've been drawing as of late. I got this smaller sketchbook a little while ago that i thought was so sweet because it was tiny and had a nice pleather cover. Turns out the paper is super rough and i can't draw for shite on it. So i've been powering through it... but what i've got is a bit, i donno, messy.

Some creatures: My 1,2,3 soldier. A sailboat head and bird warrior! And then this rabbit-ish thing.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Post!

Busy Busy these days, figured i'd post SOMETHING, even if they're like a month old. Photoshop paints! An old Kid's Pirate Layout i painted and started really experimenting with Textures in.

Two Cafe Sketches i was quite happy with, these were the first 'real' paints i did. Turned out I had alot to learn painting digitally.

And Lastly my character 'Carnival' and my quasi-Beast Man painted up. Pretty happy with both of these.