Thursday, December 28, 2006

Creature Catch Up!

Creatures #19 through 26 comin' atcha.

Xmas Eve goblin. You were all thinkin' it.

The one in the middle here started out bein' a fish character (see the gills) but after a while grew into a kinda Chameleon kinda thing. The one on the right was another stab at that wierd skull character from before... with less interesting results.

Battle Droid anyone?

Somethin' different

This started out as a creature sketch... but ended up being something I've never really done before. Verrrry Mignola'ish. I like it though. Any feedback'd be much appreciated.

Holiday sketchin'

I headed home to Ptown (Pickering for those not in the Posse) this past week and even though i was depraved of pretty much everything internet related I did manage to draw a bit.

Cafe Sketches... Old'n'New!

A couple older cafe sketches from weeks past. I've been told the bug eyed guy looks like Claudio.

Last week myself and 44 other animators stormed Toronto for a day of cafe sketchin' and starting trouble pretty much anywhere we could. These last two collections are from that day/evenin'. For photos from day's hilarity check out

Monday, December 18, 2006

Subway Sketches Dec 15-16

Schools done. "I love it" *slight nodding* Did some subway sketchin' en route to a party friday, then got to do some saturday afternoon on the way to, and the way back from, shopping for Ribbon on Queen Street.

Don't ask.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Creature Collage

Here's one of a series of creature collages i did a few years back. It's scary how much animation has improved my abilities, but the creatures are still pretty cool.

I'll post the other 3 soon as I get'em scanned.


Watched a bit of 'The Skeletor Show' the other night. It's kinda funny, kinda Space Ghosty. Eventually they start answering the fans, kinda trying to be a Strong Bad Email kinda dealy.

Little Beastman influence...

"Mer-man Pop... Mer-MAN!"

Frantic blog catch up!

Well it's hell week here at Seneca, something due pretty much everyday. Stayed up for 30 hours yesturday, or... today... or whatever this counts as. Other than being a total zombie for the last little while i got to do a couple sketches here and there... check'em!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Creatures 17, 18

Couple'a creatures.
Revolver head.

Dig it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Creatures 14, 15, 16

Busy busy, December 15th it's all done. Be warned there'll be an Irishman with nothing loose roaming the streets.

I think i'm going to try and cram some more cartoony feel into some of these. 'Less Comicy, more cartoony'. Which is, coincidentally, enough what my Great-Great-Uncle Tom has written on his tombstone.

'Greeeeen Crotch'

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Creatures 11, 12, 13

Good. Lord. So relaxing all last week has quickly kicked me in the ass. Animation is going to beat me up till there's blood in my stool* this week.
I'm behind on Creatures, BUT i got the animation working. Guess it's a trade off. I'll catch up.

*thanks to Andy for confirming for me the correct spelling of 'stool'.